Curriculum Vita for Prof. Dr. of Sc. Yuri Kutlakhmedov

Kutlakhmedov Yuri Alexeevich, Doctor of Biology, Chief of laboratory of radioecology of the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, Chief of Department of radiobiology Biological Faculty of Taras Schevchenko National University.

Kutlakhmedov Yuri Alexeevich was born on October 7, 1942 of Russian origin. In 1961 he entered and 1967 graduated from the physical faculty of the Kiev State University named after T.Schevchenko. Since 1967 till 1970 - research worker of the biophysics and radiobiology department of the Institute of Plant physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. In 1970 he took and 1973 graduated the post-graduate cours and defended the candidate thesis on radiobiology at the Institute of Plant physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. In 1986 He defended doctorate thesis and recieved the diplome of doctor of biological sciences on specialty "Radiobiology"

Since 1967 till the present time Kutlakhmedov engaged in the problems of radiobiology and radioecology. Since 1986 He is Chief of the Radioecology laboratory of the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine and engaged in the problems of the Chernobyl accident. The investigation of laboratory are carried out on the testing-grounds of 10-km zone of Chernobyl NPP and under laboratory conditions. Since 1997 till the present time Kutlakhmedov is chief of department of Radiobiology of Taras Schevchenko National University and general scientist of Institute of Radioecology of Ukranian Agrarian Academy Of Sciences.

The interesting results were obtained on the fundamental peculiarities of radionuclides migration in the system soil-plants and on the problems of radiocapability of big ecosystems on the example of the Dnieper waterstorages cascade. The effective system of phytodesactivation of radionuclide-contaminated soil has been developed as well as the system of soil desactivation by way of removal of the upper layer of soil (1-5 sm) with the help of the special machine (This work is carried out jointly with the Centre of Nuclear researches in Cadarache- France).

For the time of the scientific work he published 98 articles including 7 books. For the last years he has published the following main works on the problems of Chernobyl accident radioecology:

1.Antropogenic radionuclide anomaly and plants. Naukova dumka, Kiev, 1991, 280 p.

2.Kutlakhmedov Y.A., Polikarpov G.G., Korogodin V.I. The princples and methods of radiocapacity of ecological systems estimate. In "Heuristicity of radiobiology", Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1988, 109-115 p.

3.Polikarpov G.G., Kutlakhmedov Y.A. "Conceptual model of Cs-137 migration in the Dnieper watertstorage cascade"The reports of the Academy of sciences of the Ukraine" v.24, N3, 25-31 p.

4.Kutlakhmedov Y.A."Realized and planned countermeasures in the course of the accident of Chernobyl NPP" in: Proceedings of IUR Soviet branch seminar of the"Radioecology and countermeasures", Kiev, 1991, (publ.1992) 64-71 p.

5.Korogodin V.I.,Kutlakhmedov Y.A. "Problems of vast radionuclide-polluted areas" in: Journal of radioecology, 1994, v.1, N1, 39-47 p.

6.Kutlakhmedov Y., Korogodin V., Kutlakhmedova-Vyshnyakova V. Radiocapacity of Ecosystems. Journal of Radioecology 5, N1, 1997, 25-35

7. Kutlakhmedov Y., Polikarpov G., Kutlakhmedova-Vyshnyakova V. Radiocapacity of Different Types of Natural Ecosystems (without Man) and their Ecological Standardization Principles. Journal of Radioecology 5, N2, 1997, 15-21

8. Kutlakhmedov Y., Korogodin V. Bases of Radioecology (handbook) Kiev, Visha schola, 2001 (in press).

In 1988 on the General assembles of the International Union of Radioecologists (IUR) Kutlakhmedov Y.A. was accepted to be member of Union (IUR).In 1991 Kutlakhmedov Y.A. was elected chairman of Ukrainian section of IUR.

For last years Kutlakhmedov Y.A. took part in 12 international meetings and conferences on radioecology making reports : Luxemburg, Kiev, Brussels, Cadarache and Marselle (France), Udine (Italy), Brussels (Belgie) etc.

Kutlakhmedov Y.A. took part in fulfilling the project CEC - ECP-4 (Strategy of desactivation).

Since 1986 till the present time Kutlakhmedov Y.A. gives the course on radioecology on the physical, biological and geographical faculties of the Kiev's University and 8 courses on Biological Faculty and prepared to press handbook "The bases of Radioecology" for Ukraine.

Kutlakhmedov Y.A. -is a member of National Commitee of Radiation Protection of the Ukraine,a member of the Editorial Staff of the International magazine "Journal of Radioecology".

Address: Kiev 252022 Zabolotny street 148, Institute of Cell Biology and genetic Engineering of the National Academy of sciences of the Ukraine.
Phone: + 380 44 2636167

Address: Kiev 252003 Tolstoy st.14, Institute of Radioecology Ukranian Agrarian Academy of Sciences (work).

Home address: Kiev 252126 Otradny prospect 28 flat 80
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